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Attaché Docs helps all firms go digital by converting manual paperwork into digital format. Simply build customizable forms with automation and productivity tools. Then display collected data with a dynamic dashboard.

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We have transformed manual paperwork into organized records

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Simple and Easy to Use

Customize simple or multi-page forms in minutes with an intuitive drag-and-drop module to improve user experience. Going paperless has never been easier.

Enhance Workflows

Automate workflows so you can easily route collected form data to the right people and departments to increase work productivity.

Gain Improved Insight

Unlock key insights with a dynamic dashboard that displays real-time update and data analytics to track your organization’s performance.

Keep your Documents Organized

Attaché Docs uses a record and tagging system that effortlessly organizes your documents. Create custom reports, and make a configurable search for a quicker way of sorting files.

Secure and Future-proof

Stay in line with privacy regulations, and protect your information from digital threats with Attaché Docs’ full end-to-end security and encryption standards.

We bring powerful solutions

See how Attaché Docs is helping organizations work smarter with the best form builder and data management solution.

Attache Docs Solutions


Digitize creation of lengthy legal documents, and automate entire legal workflow from client engagement to execution of court decisions.

Attache Docs Solutions


Inspect floor plans, automate job orders from subcontractors, improve flow of information, and more in a centralized platform.

Attache Docs Solutions

Banking and Finance

Track multiple bank applications, eliminate manual paperwork, and focus more on real-time customer service.

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