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Track multiple bank applications, eliminate manual paperwork, and focus more on real-time customer service.

Common banking tasks such as accounts payable, loan application, account opening and closing are tedious because there are tons of paper forms needed to be manually filled out. In no time, the back office will be stacked with loads of manually written applications, so checking them one by one can be confusing and time-consuming.

With Attaché, you’ll save time organizing these documents, and also ensure to manage the entire flow of the application from data entry to approval.

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Attache Docs Solutions

Easier Financial Data Collection

Loan and account application can be a lengthy process where customers are required to repeatedly fill out paper forms and documents. Attaché’s drag-and-drop Form Builder and intuitive productivity tools make it easy to create functional forms you can easily embed on your website or share over email, and secure file storage.

Attache Docs Solutions

Application Tracking and Approval

Customize your sequence of signers and approvers by streamlining your everyday workflows with finance automation. Attaché helps in routing highly secured and detailed documents within the organization, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Attache Docs Solutions

Easier Reports Generation and Statistics

The intelligent automation behind Attaché builds documents quickly and correctly. Manual work is eliminated when creating financial reports, statistics, and customer reviews that are compliant with company and industry regulations.

Attache Docs Solutions

Improve Customer Service

With Attaché, bank staff can easily simplify payment processes, generate custom invoices, and automate banking document assembly with the click of a button. This enables financial firms to strengthen their competitive position as well as free up time and resources to improve customer service.

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