Inspect floor plans, automate job orders from subcontractors, improve flow of information, and more in a centralized platform.

The typical building construction can be incredibly lengthy. From multiple layouts to print, forms to fill out, and files to share between architects, civil engineers, designers, and contractors, there is a lot to keep track of.

As such, investing in a more proactive, collaborative data management system is now a fundamental part of the industry - and enables any construction company to save a lot of time and money.

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Attache Docs Solutions

Central Document Storage

Attaché's platform can be utilized as a central storage of documents to ensure easy access and seamless data transfer between project managers, architects, designers, and contractors. Collaborators can simply open the same data containing past revisions, be updated with the latest plans, and essentially enjoy greater transparency at every stage of the project.

Attache Docs Solutions

Plans and Collaboration Layout

Upload floor plans, specifications, electrical or mechanical layouts for sharing and review. Multiple team members can simultaneously work on the same form and superimpose comments on top of the document. Employees working in multiple projects will always have the latest compliant and versions at their fingertips.

Attache Docs Solutions

Work Orders

Project managers can easily give access and issue multiple work orders to different contractors. Using Attaché's task management system, deadlines are clearly set and progress is automatically reported. Once a work order is done, subsequent work orders can be issued to ensure project continuity between main and subcontractors.

Attache Docs Solutions

Inspection Reports

With Attaché, project inspectors can report by filing forms in our platform, avoiding data loss. Without the hassles of paperwork, workers can go beyond text information and easily supplement the data collected by adding photos and videos. Then, notify personnel involved in the incident analysis process in real time, allowing them to make decisions and corrective measures more quickly.

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