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Key Features

Form Builder

Attache Docs’ Form Builder lets you create your own forms easily and quickly. With the easy to use interface and intuitive drag-n-drag panel, you can create professional forms without worry.

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Attache Docs Dashboard and Reports

Dashboard and Reports

Attache Docs Dashboard and Reports will provide you with new insights to unlock your data.

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Task and Workflow

Automate your workflow using Attache Docs Workflow Management. Its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence will learn your processes as you use it, allowing it to adapt to any workflow without the need for your intervention.

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Contacts Directory

Easily see and organize your contacts with Attache Docs Contacts Directory. Add full contact details, including mobile and phone numbers, full name, or organizational assignment.

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Security is important in any enterprise platform. This is why Attache Docs follows industry best practices and standards.

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Plan your projects in Attache Docs and track your records,
schedule and expenses in Form Builder.

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