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Form Builder

Attache Docs’ Form Builder lets you create your own forms easily and quickly. With the easy to use interface and intuitive drag-n-drag panel, you can create professional forms without worry.

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You have a variety of form elements at your disposal, from Text Fields, Paragraphs, Multiple Choice, Radio Buttons, Dropdowns, Date and Time, and much more. You can use the 1-column, 2-columns or 3-columns layout to organize your elements, and use Sections to separate the different parts of your form.

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Add headings and labels to make it descriptive, or add custom validations to ensure the integrity of your data. Best of all, everything can be customized to your liking. Style your elements according to your preference using the pre-defined designs, or whip up your own using the Custom Attribute feature.

Need a form inside your current form? No problem! With Subforms, Attache Docs has you covered. You can design a subform using the same easy to use, intuitive and drag-n-drag centric interface. And you can have as many subforms as you like. Form Builder will adjust to your needs.

Attache Docs’s Form builder was designed to deliver the best user experience while providing powerful form building capabilities to support a wide variety of forms. With this, you can optimize your form-centric processes while maintaining flexibility for the future.

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