Eliminate stockpiles of physical documents, track deadlines, and streamline manual processes without compromising data privacy and security.

Extensive back office tasks coupled with a stockpile of documents and extreme volumes of folders, adding up the continuous release of memos and orders can result in delays of government projects.

Manually collecting and inputting data for do not have to be a lengthy and time-consuming undertaking. Attaché Docs aims to streamline the manual process to improve the resolution of these projects and prevent constant delays.

Ensuring the privacy and security of your documents is a top priority for Attaché Docs. Rest assured that we treat your sensitive data with the utmost confidentiality and enterprise grade protection.

Attache Docs
Attache Docs Solutions

Improved Frontline Public Service

Attaché Docs is fully compliant with the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA). Increase transparency and promote honesty and responsibility in government service delivery. Utilize the calendar management tool to eliminate red tape and increase public access to frontline government services.

Attache Docs Solutions

Efficient Project Monitoring

Keep track of all project-related metrics including team performance and project duration without the need of paperwork. Attaché Docs lets you oversee all tasks and monitor activities to make sure you’re implementing the projects as planned.

Attache Docs Solutions

Data Privacy Act Compliant

Attaché Docs adds an extra layer of protection to your collected information using high-grade encryption, offers increased security and privacy controls to protect sensitive data from unintended access, and reduce the threat of fraud with our Data Privacy Act compliant solution.

Attache Docs Solutions

Central Document Storage

Collect the information you need to process applications, projects, permits, claims, and more with your custom digital forms. You can quickly access submissions no matter where they are located, and sort stored files for various government processes.

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