Human Resources and Administrative

Automate hiring and onboarding, eliminate paper-based processes, and focus more on human relations.

Managing employee applications and records can be quite a daunting task, especially with large workforces. With Attaché’s state-of-the-art features, tedious tasks are transformed into digital workflows that move quickly across the human resources department for review, feedback, and approval.

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Streamline Hiring and Onboarding

Organize and expedite HR hiring and onboarding processes by using Attaché’s drag-and-drop builder to customize digital forms, streamline data collection, and manage email requests, job applications, interview feedback, and more.

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Workflow Automation

Repetitive tasks from hiring recruits to creating performance reviews are automated by setting up a seamless digital workflow that multiple people can participate in. With automatic notifications and progress indicators, the HR team is kept abreast of their tasks and due dates while managers are freed up to finish tasks that require their expertise.

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Improve Employee Engagement

Human resources can gain key insights and evaluate employee satisfaction with digital surveys, and simply review, edit, and collaborate on a single review submission. Use the collected data to generate reports and suggest actions to improve employee retention.

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Central Document Storage

A document management system helps the HR team not waste their time dealing with problems related to physically collecting and scanning piles of paper-based forms. Employee records are organized in a single access point that can be distributed organization-wide.

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