Build smart digital forms, populate data-driven dashboard, organize files, and track multiple cases in a centrally controlled document ecosystem.

Stockpiles of documents, extreme volumes of folders, evidence trails, memos, and court orders — managing these tedious documents across multiple cases can be troublesome and can quickly get out of hand.

Manually collecting data for legal proceedings do not have to be a lengthy and time-consuming undertaking. Smart law firms leverage Attaché’s platform to connect and manage their entire document creation workflow.

All these features enable legal organizations to do more in less time. Not only does Attaché cut corners, but it also ensures that everyone is in a strategic and well-informed position to make winning decisions.

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Attache Docs Solutions

Case Tracking

Routing of documents makes it easy for legal officers to review, draft, or update the status of lengthy documents for multiple cases. Collaborating counsels communicate and share information better through live commenting at shared digital workspaces. From legal opinions, contacts, document references, to full-fledged court cases, Attaché helps in facilitating collaboration and communication.

Attache Docs Solutions

Document Barcode

This feature is used as an organization-wide solution that spans the entire legal workflow, from client engagement to the management of files, including court documents. Designated lawyers abd legal staff can monitor and manage the receiving and releasing of case and client documents using Attaché’s high-security barcode technology.

Attache Docs Solutions

Dashboard and Case Notifications

Legal officers leverage Attaché's pre-built and customizable dashboards to get real-time insights into their operations. Instantly notify people of the latest developments of the cases, assigned tasks, and critical issues through the dynamic widgets on the dashboard and the integrated in-app calendar.

Attache Docs Solutions

Central Document Storage

Legal documents are electronically stored so that physical copies are kept safe in the records room. If there’s a need to improve existing forms because of internal administrative changes or additional requirements by parties involved, Attaché’s intuitive productivity tools can update requested documents in real time without user interruption, generate reports, and save hours of data entry.

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