Stockpiles of documents, voluminous folders, evidence trails, memos, court orders and more ... These are common documents involved when lawyers are undergoing legal proceedings. Managing such volume of documents across multiple cases can be troublesome and can quickly get out of hand. As such, document management systems are commonly used by legal firms to track their case status.

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Attaché is also used in the legal industry for tracking cases and legal matters. From legal opinion, contract review, to full-pledged court cases, Attaché can be used to help facilitate documents and activities of a case.

It is used an organization-wide solution that spans the entire legal workflow, from client engagement to execution of court decisions. It includes modern necessities such as secure document digitization and document barcode tracking.

It tracks cases and instantly notifies people of latest developments that merit their concern. Leaders are kept informed of workloads, performance, and critical issues through interactive dashboards. Collaborating counsels communicate and share information better through live document commenting and shared workspaces.

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Legal documents can be electronically stored so that physical copies are safe-keeped in the records room. Routing of documents within offices or legal officers can be done electronically and reviewers are constantly updated on status of drafts and new documents pending approval.

All these features enable your organization to do more in less time. Not only does Attaché streamline processes and cut corners, it also ensures that everyone is in a strategic and well-informed position to make winning decisions.

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