Access. Build. Collect.

Attaché Docs is packed with powerful and easy-to-use features that will help you access relevant information, build custom forms, and collect data like a pro — no coding required.

  • Better filing of office in-house documents
  • Easy creation and update of forms whenever needed
  • Track and monitor required tasks based on set workflows
Attache Docs
Attache Docs Features

Build forms in minutes

Build your digital forms in minutes. With intuitive drag-and-drop module, you can create professional forms without worry.

  • Add, edit, and delete entry
  • Create and link multi-page subforms
  • Track history log of all changes
  • Save form and update later

Create beautiful charts and reports

Create and visualize your data in a few clicks. Leverage in-depth, real-time insights to identify performance bottlenecks and improve your processes.

  • Display entry tables, graphs, and listings
  • Drag and drop widgets for better sorting
  • Fast search filter by date, user, and more
  • Export reports in different file formats
Attache Docs Features
Attache Docs Features

Automate your workflow

Take command of your operations. Create guided process flow using our easy-to-use workflow builder. Remove guesswork and ensure consistency in the processes.

  • Custom and automate workflows with drag and drop module
  • Route collected form data to the right people and departments
  • Set up entire framework in minutes

Manage all your work in one platform

Track all documents using barcode technology. You can seamlessly record document information, and display preview for easier and faster identification.

  • Attach scanned documents and link to related entries
  • Search contents within uploaded document
  • Sort documents based by date
  • Add notes to documents
Attache Docs Features
Attache Docs Features

Now, you will always be ontime

Schedule and monitor activities in real-time. Remind users of due dates with notifications via email and mobile.

  • Assign tasks and get performance indicators
  • Send email and in-app notifications to users
  • Schedule and track user activities

Secure document workflow from creation to storage

Protect your documents with strict end-to-end encryptions from the user interface to the deployment in your servers. With the industry respected and accepted by OWASP as a guide, the Attaché team conducts regular security testing and auditing to identify and prevent data threats.

  • Set permissions for access
  • Ensure security and privacy compliance
  • Regular auditing by Attaché Docs team
Attache Docs Features
Attache Docs

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