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Why do you fail at government bidding? Here's reason #1

Isa ka bang supplier at lagi kang sawi sa government bid? It is possible that you're doing this one terrible mistake.

Where do you fail at government bid? Here's reason #2

Qualified ka ba talaga to enter a government bidding? Or baka akala mo lang? Watch this!

Did you do your research? Here's reason #3

Baka dahil dito sa reason na ito kaya ka na-cancel? You need to watch this to learn more.

Gaano nga ba kahalaga ang pag attend ng Pre bid Conference? Here's Reason #4

Gaano nga ba kahalaga ang pag-attend ng Pre-bid Conference? Can you skip this session or not?

When submitting your proposal or requirements, time is gold | Reason #5

When submitting your proposal or requirements, time is gold. Here's why.

Transforming the courts and legal offices to digital

Episode 1: Document Handling

We asked our experts, ano ang mga problema at solusyon sa document handling?

Episode 2: Voluminous Case Documents

Dealing with high volume of case documents? Watch this to learn more.

Episode 3: Schedule Management

Laging may nakakalimutan? Here's how to do effective schedule management.

Episode 4: How to Improve Public Service

We discuss in this 4th episode 2-ways on how to improve public service in the government.